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Getting to know Fetish Queen Rubber Doll

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Rubber Doll‘s site is different from a lot of latex fetish solo girl sites in that you can tell she is turned on by the setup. There is a lot of Rubber Doll and her kinky girlfriends getting themselves off on camera. You can tell that she is into it for real. Too often, I wonder whether a girl is just pretending while the camera goes off, but Rubber Doll shows the viewer exactly how wet that custom outfit got her and exactly how excited she is to dominate a wayward goth girl shooting with her on her site. This is oh-so-very-nice to see, really tasty. Rubber Doll says that her boyfriend Rubber Russ handles the technical side of things, while she deals with the creative aspects, handling everything from sketching what she wants her kinky clothing to look like to actually building the sets they shoot on. Rubber Doll has also taken her special pervy brand of rubber kink on the road, appearing at such prestigious fetish events as the Skin Two Rubber Ball, FetishCon, SMack!, and even the German Fetish Ball. She will be performing at the Dallas Fetish Ball next month for a lot of lucky Texans. Here are some of Rubber Doll‘s thoughts on how she got into fetish and sharing it with the world:

How did you get started?

As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved getting dressed up in extravagant outfits. I think it satisfies the creative side of my personality (as well as my exhibitionist tendencies). I also have always had an interest in darker themes, which led me to get involved in the gothic scene when I was younger. When I was still in high school, I would spend hours putting together my outfits and then I would sneak into the clubs with my friends and dance all night. It was really a great time and I formed a lot of my tastes and opinions then. I think it also exposed me to a lot of different lifestyles and opened my mind, which is something that has also helped bring me to where I am now.

As I got a little older, a lot of my friends from the goth scene started going to fetish clubs. Since I am always up for new experiences, I decided to check them out too. And when I did, I was immediately hooked. The music and dancing was very similar to the goth scene that I was used to, but the energy was much more sexual. But what really got me was the clothing and fashions. I was instantly attracted to the shiny latex outfits, and the way that they were so skin tight. I knew it was time for a change, so I packed away my long gothic dresses and started grabbing up fetish wear every chance I could get.

Initially, I also collected a lot of PVC/Vinyl and leather, but my first love has always been rubber. There is just something about it that other fabrics can’t compare to. I love everything about it: the smell, the shine, the feeling against my skin, the feeling of peeling it off … it’s all incredibly sensual to me.

So, instead of being a teenager sneaking into goth clubs, I was now sneaking out of my parent’s house with sexy fetish outfits on underneath a big coat. I started to meet a lot of new people and my eyes were opened to many different forms of sexuality. I experienced everything from gender bending crossdressers to strict domes to submissive sissies to bisexual swingers. I loved every new experience and embraced each unique encounter as another step in my journey into the fetish world.

How did you end up bringing that part of your world to the web?

Around the time that I first developed an interest in the fetish scene, I also got my first computer. I really had never done anything with computers before, but a friend helped me set it up and got me my first AOL account. As I got more and more comfortable online, I started to find that there were tons of fetish people using the computer to help them explore their interests. I saw that people all over the world with tastes just like mine were using the internet to connnect and I wanted to be part of that. So, I decided to take the plunge! I put up a small free webpage and posted a few of my gothic pictures on it. Interestingly enough, that page is still up and you can take a look at it by clicking here.

Even though my webpage was very small and only had a few pictures, it still managed to catch the eye of a lot of people. One of those people was a guy who I had started chatting with online who eventually became my boyfriend. We were both into the fetish scene and were having a great time getting dressed up and going to parties together. One day, the topic of doing a bigger and better website came up and I thought it was a great idea. So, he started learning to do the website building and I started putting together some photoshoots and before long we were off and running.

In October, 2000, the website went live for the first time and there has been no looking back since then. Of course, the site looked a lot different back then and we’ve come a long way, but it has truly been a great experience. Over the years, I’ve had the chance to meet all sorts of interesting people, have lots of kinky sexual encounters, and (best of all) wear tons and tons of latex! I’m now at the point where I have a complete dungeon/playroom in my home and an entire closet dedicated exclusively to rubber. I regularly invite others over to play, and especially love having a new submissive girl or guy to corrupt.

Between my boyfriend and myself, we do all the work on the website. He is focused primarily on the technical stuff, while I handle more of the creative aspects. Toegether, we manage every detail. Sometimes it is a lot of work and stresses us out, but it is something that we truly love. We update the site with new pictures and videos every single week (usually on Fridays), and I don’t think I can remember ever missing a week. I take pride in giving my members a quality product and I think that shows.

Lots more on Rubber Doll‘s site every week.


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