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Getting to Know Fetish Star Masuimi Max

Masuimi Max is one of the most enduring successful fetish models in the world. It is no longer very rare to see a beautiful girl strut her stuff in one rubber or corset or bondage photo layout, but to do it so well and in so many ways for so long — it must be Masuimi Max! Who else has graced the covers of Skin Two, Marquis, DDI, Bizarre, and a host of other magazines where not every model showed off her kinky side, but Masuimi did. Her long-running web site I Am Trouble is even named like a pinup bad girl. Members get everything from elaborately shot photo... Read On

Getting to Know Bianca Beauchamp

Bianca Beauchamp is incredibly sexy good at pouring herself into an endless array of ridiculously fantastic rubber outfits. Bianca Beauchamp very likely has the best collection of custom-fitted high end rubber couture on the planet. She has graced the covers of Marquis, Skin Two, Bizarre, Heavy Rubber, and an assortment of glamour magazines. One of the many interesting features of Bianca’s Latex Lair site is that she and photographer Martin Perreault meticulously document the sources for the gorgeous clothes Bianca gleams in. Any true rubber fetishist is going to want to know where to get the best shiny gear and there is a lot of useful information on latex... Read On

Getting to know Fetish Queen Rubber Doll

Rubber Doll‘s site is different from a lot of latex fetish solo girl sites in that you can tell she is turned on by the setup. There is a lot of Rubber Doll and her kinky girlfriends getting themselves off on camera. You can tell that she is into it for real. Too often, I wonder whether a girl is just pretending while the camera goes off, but Rubber Doll shows the viewer exactly how wet that custom outfit got her and exactly how excited she is to dominate a wayward goth girl shooting with her on her site. This is oh-so-very-nice to see, really tasty. Rubber Doll says... Read On