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Getting to Know Fetish Star Masuimi Max

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masuimi maxMasuimi Max is one of the most enduring successful fetish models in the world. It is no longer very rare to see a beautiful girl strut her stuff in one rubber or corset or bondage photo layout, but to do it so well and in so many ways for so long — it must be Masuimi Max! Who else has graced the covers of Skin Two, Marquis, DDI, Bizarre, and a host of other magazines where not every model showed off her kinky side, but Masuimi did. Her long-running web site I Am Trouble is even named like a pinup bad girl. Members get everything from elaborately shot photo sets to cam shows of Masuimi showing off her exercise and makeup techniques.

masuimi maxMasuimi Max is an acclaimed performer as well. Her act ranges from fire breathing to devil and unicorn costumes to wild contortions and sensual dance. She has performed everywhere from the Playboy Manson to Torture Garden. Her calendar lists her soonest upcoming performance as at Chicago’s Night of the Stripping Dead at the Admiral Theatre, although the flyer does not appear to be online yet.

Here are some of this amazing pinup diva’s thoughts on how she got so fabulous:

You do a lot of fetish modeling, but what is/are your personal favorite to model for (and to participate in :D)?

My favourite is corset and latex modeling. I have a lot of other fetishes too; Hello Kitty, high heels, boots, baking cupcakes, black lacey things..

Is it true you have four nipples? If so, do you enjoy having people play with them?

Hi! Yes, I have 2 extra nipples.. they are sensitive but I prefer to have my main nipples played with!

How old were you when you first started modeling? Who/what inspired you to model in the first place? How did you first start out? (Like did a random person go up to you and ask you to model for them, did you go to an agency, etc)

I was 18 years old when I started modeling. I was approached by the owner of ‘Collante’, a bikini and clubwear company to model for his booth and the runway at IFN (now IFL), the international lingerie tradeshow in Vegas. I received cards from other companies (Versatile Fashions, Fetish Factory and more) and followed up on modeling inquiries which then led to more jobs! I’ve never been with an agency, I have always managed myself.

Being the pro that you are,what is your advice on preparing for a photo shoot? 🙂

I try not to go out the night before a shoot. I don’t eat a lot of carbohydates like bread, rice or cake the day before.. My birthday was last Friday and I was booked to do a burlesque act on Saturday so I didn’t eat cake or go out drinking.. I even went to bed at 9pm! Heh heh, I’m ranting.

How do you keep such an awesome figure Masuimi??? What exercises do you recommend to tone stomach waist and arms???

Hi there! I excersize at least 4 times a week, I do about 100 situps a day and try to eat well (I do get the munchies!). To get a tone stomach fast I recommend not eating certain carbs for dinner or before bedtime, like bread, pasta and rice and try eating more vegetables and healthy proteins like grilled fish, tofu, chicken breast or lean beef for dinner.

If you ever get the late night munchies Masuimi, what do you eat that doesn’t..pack on pounds?

Oh, I am bad sometimes.. 🙂 I try to eat ‘real’ food if I get the munchies at night, which is all the time! I hardly ever eat out, I always cook.. I’ll whip up all kinds of stuff late at night, but I’m up till 4am most of the time and I stop eating around midnight.. but if I do get hungry after midnight I try to not eat too much in the way of bread, pasta or potatoes. The carbs just sit in your belly making you fat if you eat that before you go to sleep. I eat a lot of vegetables, beef, salmon or tuna.

Lots more on Masuimi Max‘s site I Am Trouble. If you like corsets and latex and high heels and retro stockings, I highly recommend you check it out.

masuimi max

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