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Reviewed by Bella Sheen

October 09 2011

SexAndSubmission: Bobbi Starr Destroyed!

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Holy mother of fuck, this SexAndSubmission shoot is so good that it is almost hard to watch. Gorgeous Bobbi Starr usually tops, but Nacho Vidal is apparently the man to dominate her. The intensity of their chemistry and interaction just raises the bar on an already intense site. The Kink people told Bobbi Starr that the shoot was going to start some place unspecified, but her genuine surprise when Nacho Vidal abducts her from the makeup room is crazy hot. He then carries her down multiple flights of stairs to the dungeon, while she struggles. In the really amusing exit interview, Nacho Vidal mentioned that this was his first time shooting for Kink, so he did not really know the building well, and he accidentally had to carry Bobbi Starr over extra stairs because he went the wrong way when he first grabbed her. Bobbi Starr’s submission afterwards is so complete and willing and thorough and hot. Surprisingly, Nacho Vidal also said that this was his first time tying someone up, although he and Bobbi Starr have had more vanilla rough sex in other porn productions. He said he felt like the only thing they had left to try was doing it, while jumping from an airplane. Bobbi Starr said she came unbelievably hard in the really tight bondage. There is a crazy ass hook and cum scene as well, which I don’t even know how to describe, other than to say it is a must watch. Bobbie Starr and Nacho Vidal are both true sexual athletes taking it to the next level.

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SexAndSubmission: Bobbi Starr Destroyed!

Bobbi Starr endures extreme rough sex and hard bondage from Nacho Vidal!

Bobbi Starr returns for her most intense Sex and Submission scene to date! She was very excited to work with Nacho Vidal who is known for being one of the best performers in rough sex. We watch Bobbi through hidden cameras in the talent office and make up room and then send Nacho to bring her down to the set sooner than she anticipated. Bobbi drifts in and out of sub space as she is ruthlessly manhandled and fucked into oblivion. She lets him do anything he wants. Then in bondage on all fours and held in place with an ass hook attached to her harness gag, Bobbi helplessly endures pain and pleasure. Finally, with her legs pinned back in another strict bondage position, Bobbi comes hard from being relentlessly fucked! Extreme kinky sex with great chemistry not to be missed!

Nacho Vidal, Bobbi Starr

SexAndSubmission: Bobbi Starr Destroyed!, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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Reviewed by Bella Sheen on 09 October 2011

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